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Box Files and Storage Boxes: File board is used to manufacture box files and storage boxes, which are commonly used in offices and homes to store and organize documents, files, and other items. The rigid nature of file board ensures that the boxes maintain their shape and protect the contents. 

High-Quality Paper Products for Various Applications

Our company specializes in producing a range of premium paper products suitable for a variety of applications. Our offerings include paper board, kappa board, cake base, colorful boards, rigid box board, and pe coated paper board. Each of our products is made with the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, strength, and reliability.

FILE BOARD - Description

Card Board and Grey Board are important grades of paper boards. The importance of paper boards as an essential commodity is constantly increasing with the expansion of education among the people. Further, in a progressive society, the consumption of paper is closely linked to its economic, social, and cultural activities. It is important, therefore, the cardboard industry should try to keep pace with society’s directional development. Card Board & Grey Board itself is a superior packaging material and due to rapid industrialization is in very good demand.

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