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It is a board made from machine used in stationery and File cover as substitute of Indian board to bring down the overall making prices with keeping its high strength. 

High-Quality Paper Products for Various Applications

Our company specializes in producing a range of premium paper products suitable for a variety of applications. Our offerings include paper board, kappa board, cake base, colorful boards, rigid box board, and pe coated paper board. Each of our products is made with the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, strength, and reliability.

JAGUAR BOARD - Description

White Back Duplex Boards are made of White Virgin Waste Pulp and have a glossy appearance, making them easier to print high-quality documents.

Ideal For: Eco Kraft Brown Corrugated Packing Paper Roll Sheet Use this multipurpose roll of kraft paper to pack, wrap, decorate, cover, and design. It is the ideal thickness to fold and manipulate because it is neither too thick nor too thin. Our Kraft Paper is wax- and coating-free on both sides, making it ideal for crafts and shipping. Use it to produce unique art, wrap presents, cover tables for events or kid projects, or mail books or items at a low cost.

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