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PLA Coated Cupstock Paper

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PE coated paperboard is typically made by applying a layer of polyethylene to one or both sides of a paperboard substrate. The polyethylene is applied as a pre-formed film and then bonded to the paperboard surface through heat and pressure. 

High-Quality Paper Products for Various Applications

Our company specializes in producing a range of premium paper products suitable for a variety of applications. Our offerings include paper board, kappa board, cake base, colorful boards, rigid box board, and pe coated paper board. Each of our products is made with the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, strength, and reliability.


Polyethylene Coating: The polyethylene coating provides a moisture-resistant and grease-resistant barrier to the paperboard. It protects the paperboard from external factors such as water, oils, and other liquids, preventing them from permeating and damaging the paperboard. 

PE coated paperboard is commonly used in food packaging, where it provides a barrier against moisture and grease. It is used for products such as cups, plates, trays, food containers, take-out packaging, and fast-food packaging. It can also be used for non-food applications like blister packaging, cosmetic packaging, and general-purpose packaging that requires moisture resistance. 

The sustainability of PE coated paperboard depends on the specific type and composition of the polyethylene used. Some PE coatings can be recyclable, while others may not be easily recyclable due to the challenges in separating the paperboard and the PE coating. It is important to consider recycling options and consult with waste management facilities regarding the recyclability of specific PE coated paperboard products. 

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