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PVC Foam Board for Decoration

Our Products

Rigid Board

  • whose edges does not gets curled that means no dog ears.
  • smooth finish, which does not have bumps &lumps.
  • moreover, which should not bow.

That means, A perfect Multilayer Paper Board.

High-Quality Paper Products for Various Applications

Our company specializes in producing a range of premium paper products suitable for a variety of applications. Our offerings include paper board, kappa board, cake base, colorful boards, rigid box board, and pe coated paper board. Each of our products is made with the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, strength, and reliability.

Rigid Board-Description

Here, we achieve this by using our own paper, monitoring the production process at every step, manufacturing under precise humidity levels, the right temperature and under our watchful and critical expertise of nearly 40 years.


  • High Rigidity.
  • Uniform Thickness.
  • Perfect Smoothness
  • Excellent results during Die Cut, Creasing.
  • Can be used on all processing machines.

           And our board is RoHS/REACH Compliant.

Segments :

Mobile Boxes, Board Games, Sweet Boxes, Hard Cover Books, Box Files, Photo Albums, Table Calendars, Cosmetic Boxes, Shoe Boxes etc. Right from 1.00 mm (660 gsm) to 4.00 mm (2,640gsm), we can customize the Multilayer Paper Board as per your requirement.

Quality characteristics :

  •  High rigidity
  •  Lays flat and stays flat
  •  High Stiffness
  •  Even surface
  •  Optimum runability
  •  Easy to cut, die cut, crease, punch, drill and emboss/deboss
  •  Consistent Calipers & Sizes